Just Another Girl In Another World

Since this is my first post, I want to tell you all a little about me. After all, why read something written by a complete stranger right? My name is Shreya and I am 19 years old. I am currently a freshman in college and I am originally from India. College has been a great experience for me so far and it couldn’t get better, but it is my past that has shaped me to become the person I am today.

As I look back on the 18 years of my life, I realize how fortunate I have been growing up in such a cosmopolitan city and experiencing the different traditions that it offers. I have had the privilege of experiencing the various festivals ranging from the famous Durga Puja to Diwali. Kolkata has nurtured me to be a child of both, the East and the West. The city used to be the capital of British India and has western influences embedded in its fabric together with the eastern philosophies and mysticism. The incessant energy of this unique metropolis and the rainbow of colors it offers have been instrumental in influencing my life experiences. I love the comforting spicy aroma of the street foods that waft through the air, the constant din of the centuries old tramcars, the rhythmic Bollywood songs, the thundering cheers of the cricket and football matches, the sweet sounding lilt of the Bengali language.

In spite of growing up in an overcrowded vibrant city, I consider myself a quiet girl who has lived a very sheltered life. At this juncture in my life I want to live independently and I believe studying in America can make that happen. That is why I moved from India to the United States of America for college. That was a big transition in my life. And I have leaned to adapt to it perfectly.

However, everyone has fears. And right now, I have the fear of not doing well enough. This is why I have started his blog. I want to be able to express myself. I want to be able to share my thoughts with the world. I want to relate to all the 18 and 19 year olds out there who are just as scared but determined, like me, to make a name for themselves. So, I hope you become a part of this journey with me, and I hope you have a hell of a ride.

Please do comment or give my post a thumbs-up if you like it. 🙂


98 thoughts on “Just Another Girl In Another World

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry I’m so late with my response, I got busy with University work. But, it’s the summer now and I am going to dedicate all my time to this blog!
      Will be posting soon, appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  1. Sorry I took so long. For some reason you were in my spam. I appreciate the bravery. Keep up the good work. The Free Market is tough to enter for anybody. Stay uplifted and blow off the no’s and keep reaching for all the important yes’s. Life always has more no’s then yes’s. Keep picking them all up so you don’t miss out.

  2. Keep writing Shreya. Over fifty years ago I was a young man and like you I moved East to West. In my fashion my dream came true. I achieved moderate success, moderate happiness and moderate peace. The secret is not to over reach and get yourself into a stressful lifestyle. I tried to keep some of my Eastern calm all through the storms. Good luck to you for the future. I hope to see more posts. See my post about a busy life style.

  3. Awesome Shreya. Keep the posts coming. The world is filled with more importantly readers than writers, and whatever you’ve got stirring up in there, just let it brew and share it with us with whatever words you’ve got. Anything written in this world gets read, and there are always folks who will make important connections with what you have to write.

  4. Your descriptive writing of India is very beautiful and a joy to read! I think it is very brave of you to go to America from India to continue your studies and I wish you all the success. Saying that, I think this blog is going to be interesting to read so I am going to follow! Keep up with the great posts 🙂

  5. Wow that’s amazing I would love to hear more about your experiences from growing up in India and the transition to America! I personally have only been to Germany and Amsterdam and it was definitely eye opening! I love learning about other cultures.
    Love it!

  6. Hi! Now I know who you are. ^^ You know what? I have been to Delhi 5 times so far, mostly for business. I’m so happy to know a wonderful Indian blogpal. I’ll come and visit your blog from time to time.

      1. ^^ First I tried to find “About me” menu in your blog to get to know you, because most blogs have such a menu. But I couldn’t find it and I clicked your first posting and finally found your introduction of yourself. ^^ I didn’t mean I really know you.

  7. I’m so happy you answered one of my comments, Shreya. Otherwise, I might never have fallen upon your blog! I’m more excited about discovering the other things you’ve posted and that I haven’t been able to read yet, as well as what you will be posting from now on, than I have been in a while! It’s like discovering and starting a new book, so much excitement and anticipation! You’ve given me ideas, I hadn’t thought to introduce myself (I have a pseudonym, L. C. Hartley isn’t really my real name) and you’ve just made me realise that writing with a pseudonym doesn’t necessarily mean people won’t still wonder who the writer is. I’ll be posting something similar to this quite soon, I think. I’m all energetic about starting to post again, so thanks so much! I’ll be linking your post in mine, so my followers can discover you too! They’ll absolutely adore you! 🙂 I really enjoyed your post, I do feel like I know you better now. I hope you are able to master your fear, stay strong! And as I’m 18 and soon to go to college, I can tell you I’m afraid of the same things as well. You’re not alone! Good luck with inspiration for writing (we all need it, don’t we?) and good luck with everything else of course!
    Can’t wait to see what other things you’ll be posting.
    Glad to meet you!

    1. Pseudonym or not, Lea you are an incredible writer. I am so glad I managed to inspire someone to write about themselves. Thank you so so much for this post, it touched my heart. I look forward to reading your next post. Keep in touch!
      – S

  8. Hi ! I just read this post and I already admire you so much because It’s my dream to study in the US and hopefully it’s going to happen next year. Love your blog and keep on writing. Btw where are you studying ?

    1. Thank you so so much! It’s great to come to a new country and study there. A new culture, a new vibe. It’s definitely worth the experience. I study at university in New York! 🙂 Good luck, I’m sure your dream will come true.

  9. Hello Shreya,

    Welcome to WP. I hope you have an amazing time here, with lots of people to communicate with 🙂

    Well, I wish you good luck with your college as well. It sure is going to be fun.


  10. You are a great writer and so far I am in love with and inspired by the life you are living! Can’t wait for most posts from you:)

  11. You don’t just relate to 18-19 year olds, you relate to anyone brave enough to try and do better at any age group. I relate to you and I’m 26! I think it’s amazing and brave that you came here to go to school and gain independence. I know it’s late but welcome! I look forward to reading this blog!

  12. Hi Shreya, thank you for your comment on my blog. How do I pronounce your name? 🙂 I wish you a happy summer (in New York?)! Kolkata sounds like an amazing city. Hope I can visit it someday.

  13. Hi!

    Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog and even leaving a comment there! ❤

    Your journey sounds fantastic and exciting. Moving away from home, especially so far away, is always a huge step and scary, especially at such young age! I admire your courage! 🙂

  14. Welcome to the world of blogging. I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences as a matter of fact I’m also kind of new over here. It must be really interesting now living in a whole different place. Currently I am also living in another country as well for academic purposes.

    Please if you could check my blog debyoncelife.wordpress.com

  15. Hi Shreya,

    if this is your first blog and you will stick to blogging for some years, you will find out that you are on a fantastic journey. I have made this experience with another blog on another blogging platform where I met truly amazing people from all around the world ( and I really mean amazing without exaggerating it the typical American way, where everything is automatically fantastic, great, super, etc.). My previous blog has been very successful by my own measures. (Most would say it was a disaster, if you value a blogs success in terms of number of hits or likes to my posts.) The reason being, I have found a true, lovely friend in India and I hope that our paths in life will run in parallel for many years to come. She is simply wonderful. This blog no longer exists and I have deleted all its content.

    I am writing this is because nothing that happened while writing the other blog was ever planned. I simply set the sails on my ship and started my individual journey full of miracles. My wish for you is, that you will make your own extraordinary experiences blogging and that you find joy, love and fulfillment on your journey of life.

    Take care,

    PS: You comment on one of my blogs was identified as spam. This might have to do with the numbers in your blog name. … that is the reason of my late reply

    1. No problem, you have written such a beautiful response to my post. It’s so great to hear that you found yourself in your blog, and that you have such a passion for it. Wish you alll the luck in the world.

  16. Thank you for dropping by your message on my blog, Shreya… Was reading about your recent visit to Kolkata and I guess anyone who’s stayed away from home would immediately identify him/herself with your post. I wish you all the best on your journey – in the blogosphere and otherwise.. 🙂 Take care!

  17. Found your blog today and am really glad I stumbled upon it!!!! you have such great conetent and your writing is so vibrant!!! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  18. Hello. I just found you in my spam folder! I’m sorry I didn’t see your message. I have no problem reading over your posts. I followed you already. I wish you the best in your new country. I’ll be glad to comment along the way as well. People helped me along the way, and still do.

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