Month: July 2015


Hello New York! I’m back to spend the rest of the summer here. My trip to India was so much fun. I stayed in the city of Kolkata, my hometown, for six weeks with my lovely family. Nilesh, my brother, and I were literally inseparable. He camped in my room the entire time. My parents went all out for me. They made me my favorite dishes; they took me shopping, to the movies, and most importantly, spent a lot of time with me. It’s been six days since I have been back and I still feel their absence around me. After all, home will always be home. My grandmother is here with me in New York right now, so I can hold onto her for the feeling of home. It makes me feel better. There are tiny things about Kolkata that build up to big things~ having Naan, Paneer, Tarka Dal (Indian bread, cottage cheese, lentils, etc) in the Dhabas (local food stalls on the roads), Chai (Tea) in Matkas (Pottery), going on long drives by the water front (Ganga River), and most importantly, doing all of this with the people I love: Mom, Dad, and Nilesh.

I’ll go back to India next summer, so until then I should focus on my college work, my life here, and my friends. I am looking forward to spending the next month here, doing lots of things in the city! If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do in the city, please feel free to leave a comment. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Signing off,