Leave the labels for Clothes, NOT People! ❤︎

Break out of Stigma
Break out of Stigma

Society has changed vastly in the past decade. A country has a black president, gay marriage is legal in certain places, and transgendered people are not looked down on. While these huge issues have found clarity, the everyday problems in society are still left hazy.

“Harmony isn’t created when everyone sings the same note.” We are asked to be unique and different in this world. But, they fail to show the irony of this situation ~ we’re supposed to be ourselves in a world where everyone seems to be a clone of the other! Before we can spread our wings and fly, we have to acknowledge that we’re chained to the ground. We have to uncuff ourselves first.

Today, if we wear short clothes, we’re too graphic and bold, if we don’t, we’re prudes. If we like to read, we’re nerds, if we don’t, we’re dumb. If we have “boy friends” we’re sluts, if we don’t, we’re sexist. If we wear make-up, we’re pretentious, and if we don’t, we’re ugly. If we smoke and drink, we’re addicts, and if we don’t, we’re plain losers (peer pressure). So trust me, in this world no matter what we do, we can never win. Forget about what others will think, because we can’t ever please everyone!

All I can say is; don’t shy away from individuality. Don’t conform, but don’t rebel either. There’s no point. We should just pave our own paths and walk on them with pride.

Leave all the labels for the clothes and shoes, spare the people because “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

– S

PS: Here’s a picture of me to show you that every teenager makes it through the constant judgement. Just be carefree.

Smile, be happy! Be carefree, like me.
Smile like me. Be carefree and happy.

67 thoughts on “Leave the labels for Clothes, NOT People! ❤︎

  1. Very well said. 🙂

    I totally agree with Gravity (which is kind of a funny statement if you think I’m talking about gravity). You should post more often, if time allows.

  2. i’ve certainly been through those things you said while I was in high school, and you’re right! while we need to care about others’ opinions so that we can improve, we should not let them take over our lives and lose individuality. Great post, stay positive and cute 🙂

    Fashion Blogger, Val ❤

  3. Sounds like you can see through the illusion that some have of trying to please everyone.There will always be hostile people who attack others with words. Everyone is different and sees life their way. Anyway…keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Shreya,

    Definitely agree with all the lovely people above, you should post more :).

    I totally agree with your post, everyone seem to put a lot of focus on the bigger issues like you stated at the beginning of your post. That people tend to forget about the smaller issues that people deal with everyday like being told to be unique in one breath while being told to conform to certain standards in another breath.

    Maria x

  5. What an amazing piece.The world has really changed so much. This is my second time of visiting your blog and i thirst for more .Good job.I wrote a post entitled Stupidity Knows No Bounds, please check out and leave a comment.

  6. I just Came across your blog and I couldn’t be more happy to see a post like this one. I couldn’t agree more with you dear! Definitely going to follow you 🙂 😘

  7. Great conclusion, Shreya. Pave your own path. We’re all here for our own purpose. I also love your point about harmony not being everyone singing the same note. Understanding that is key when it comes to accepting and embracing everyone around you. Great post!

    Check out my blog, I think we can relate 🙂 https://tangenttrev.wordpress.com/

  8. I think this post has to be one of the most inspirational one that I had read. It is very powerful and well-written

    1. * I think this post has to be one of the most inspirational ones that I have ever read
      (Not sure what happened to my English there!)

  9. Hi,Shreya~!! Truly, the society makes people crazy. Standards are set and need to be followed. If you do so, the opposite would judge you negatively. If not, the other side judge you as well.
    You do have a broad mind to understand what the society is doing now. At young age, you have great skills in delivering your points to us. Great job~!1

  10. Hi Shreya!
    I like this post. So much.
    “Forget about what others will think, because we can’t ever please everyone!”
    If we want to please everyone, we got nothing. Just be ourself and be happy. ^^

  11. Were it not for that vile malware that seeped silently into the unawake or aware consciousness of humanity at the hands of well-meaning individuals and others in our formative years, these things would not be as they are but, they are. And so, what do we do now? We learn to count less upon the world to define us and learn more about the ways to learn to rely on the true heart and soul of who we are to set the stage, the truth and the path. Never mind the nay-sayers, dirty street pointer-outers or even those that sing praises just to be in your good graces. Best to keep an even temperament no matter what and life will hold you always in good stead. You have a great blog and thank you for leaving me a link to it.

  12. Very nice thoughts Shreya. The world would be a much better place if the labels would go by the wayside. I let God guide my way and while some may think I’m weird or nerdy or a loser, I leave their opinions behind me. God’s guidance is the only guidance that I’ve found trustworthy and faithful.

  13. We should just pave our own paths and walk on them with pride.
    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how it is. Well said indeed!
    I just – is it so difficult for everyone to understand that no matter the things we have in common, each person is fundamentally unique? Labels makes no sense because we all are alike and different in the most perfectly imperfect way.
    And let’s not even get started on how much more labels are attached to women *sighs*

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