Month: December 2015

Highlights of 2015


Last selfie of 2015

Hey guys!

I think you all have earned the right to peer into the best moments of my life this year, both the intimate and the not-so intimate ones. I’m going to start off with this summer. My summer was definitely very emotional- I went back to India to visit my family and friends.

A jolt of electricity went up my body as I spotted and waved at my beautiful mother, and handsome father and brother standing by the arrival section at the Calcutta airport. Sometimes you don’t realise how overwhelming it can be to run into important people you haven’t met in a long time. It was only in that moment, at the airport, that I realized what a “softie” I was at heart. No matter how much I try to say that emotions don’t run my life, it’s untrue. I’m emotional, I’m protective, and I’m a sucker for love.

Summer of 2015!

All this reminds me of the night of October 31st. Halloween was magical for me. Before I get into that you should know that I’m over-the-top with my words. I’m very enthusiastic about events, and believe them to be positives. Therefore, the word “magical” has been used. It’s not a fairytale- not even close to a fairytale ending, but nevertheless it was MY night.

A black dress clapsed my body as my friends helped me draw on my whiskers on my cheeks. You guessed it right- I was a generic cat! 🙂 My friends and I headed to the street where the Halloween parade would take place in Manhattan. After waiting for hours, and striking up conversations with the world’s largest human pizza and batman, we headed to a bar. As three young girls dressed up and having a nice time, we received all the attention. I have to say, it felt really good! At about midnight, we headed to a house party in Brooklyn. I happened to meet a guy at the party whom I really hit it off with. Today, I do not remember his name nor do I have his phone number. And, truth be told, I’m glad!

I feel like everyone deserves to have one mysterious night with a stranger. Just two people connecting over wine and the high of the night. It’s where you can be yourself and say whatever you like because you know you’re not being judged –  all your secrets are safe with the stranger!

Halloween night.

On the contrary, sometimes strangers grow to be the closest friends you’ve ever had. I happened to meet one of my best friends by accident at university. I was a part of the Orientation for the new international students, and I got put into the same group as her. We bonded over our lack of knowledge of campus whereabouts, and today she’s the closest friend I have. I’m not going to name her because I don’t know if she’d be okay with it, but yeah I could not imagine what this year would have been without her. Another friend of mine, whom I am very close to today, also happened to meet me by accident. I’m sensing a pattern here, LOL. If you want to be best friends with me just bump into me at an odd time, haha. Anyway, let me not side track. So I met, let’s call him “Evan”, at orientation two years ago. He was already a sophomore by then but he had to come for the meeting as he had missed out on his one freshman year. Today, I could not imagine a day in college without him. He taught me how to embrace my “immature, boyish” side by teaching me how to play video games, and he also taught me how to dodge casual flirts by guys I wasn’t interested in.

So, all in all, it has been a fabulous year for me. And while I’m hesitant of not wanting to let go of all I have, I’m equally excited to see what the next year has in store for me. Cheers to 2015, it has been a hell of a ride!