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5 Places to Party Underage in NYC

If you’re underage in New York City, you might feel like you can’t have fun and take part in what the city has to offer you at night. However, that is not true. There are multiple ways to ease that pain.

From comedy shows to nightclubs those have18+ nights, you too can party till the brink of dawn!

  1. Café Wha?
Van Halen perform at Cafe Wha? in New York City on January 5, 2012.
Cafe Wha line-up to watch Van Halen

Located at 115 McDougal Street, Café Wha is one of the original hangout spots in Greenwich Village. Monday through Thursday, you do not have to be 21 to enter. All you have to do is meet a $20 minimum (food and beverages), and you can enjoy live music. This place was once home to the legendary Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Woody Allen, and Lenny Bruce. So, you definitely know this place is not going to be a let down.

  1. Terminal 5


Terminal 5, located at 610 W. 57th street, is home to varying music artists we all love. This Hell’s Kitchen venue showcases the best of all music scenes to crowds of all ages. In fact, just a few weeks ago Miley Cyrus performed here. If you’re not into pop, and you want to hear more of EDM, Ansel Elgort also hosts a bunch of DJing shows here. So, just be on the lookout for tickets online, and go watch your fave singers perform.

  1. Fat Cat


This pool hall and jazz club is hidden at the corner of Christopher Street. The vibe is very young, full of college students. The pool tables are in mint condition, and you also have ping-pong tables, shuffleboard, and backgammon to choose from. The place has a bar with beer and wine, but you only have to be over 18 to get in. If you’re not into the games and only want to relax and unwind after a stressful day at college, place yourself on the couches and watch some live jazz unravel in front of your eyes.

  1. Webster Hall


Not to sound biased, but this East Village venue is my all time favorite. From the rustic vibe to the archaic architecture, this place has been around since the 1800s. It is divided into two rooms, Webster Hall is the main, big space and the Studio at Webster Hall is a more intimate venue. The place has 16+, 18+, and 19+ over shows and parties. Just recently I ended up watching Michael Malarkey and Troye Sivan perform here.

  1. Bowlmor Lanes


This neon-lighted setting is super fun. Located in Times Square, and Chelsea Piers, it is open to crowds of all ages. Barring weekend nights after 10PM, this venue always has a place for people under 21. The best part is that bowling is never boring. So, grab a group of friends and hit the lanes one evening!

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